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Fossa’s “Skinny” Disc Golf Bag

  I recently got my new bag and I'm loving it! It's a backpack style bag from Fossa, called the Skinny, that is a steal at only $160. It's lighter than my previous backpack, which is a... more

Halloween Disc Stencils

I'm getting out ahead of the Halloween holiday to provide you guys with some free Stencils. I've included 3 stencils. The Jack-O-Lantern, Jack-O-Lantern Face and the ever popular Zombie. ... more

The Silly Bear Disc Golf Society

The Silly Bear Disc Golf Society is all about getting back to the basics of what disc golf is. Sometimes we get wrapped in the competition, which is awesome and rewarding, and we lose sight of... more

Shirts now only $19.95

Check out our line up of Disc Golf graphic Tees. Now only $19.95 All of our graphic tees come in six different colors: Black, Olive, Steel Blue, Silver, Red and Pink. All our graphic tees are made... more

Is disc golf at the heart of you?

When disc golf surpasses the desire for all else. It pumps through your veins, fills your dreams and and consumes your thoughts. When you live and breath disc golf you know it's at the heart of... more
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