Fossa’s “Skinny” Disc Golf Bag


I recently got my new bag and I’m loving it! It’s a backpack style bag from Fossa, called the Skinny, that is a steal at only $160.

It’s lighter than my previous backpack, which is a huge bonus during long rounds, and the bulk of the weight is at the bottom which helps keep this bag upright with greater regularity. It even comes with a water blatter which is a feature I hadn’t come across before. Check out some more of the features below.

  • Holds 14-18 discs
  • Durable 1000D Cordura
  • Fully framed polyurethane structure
  • 2 zipper storage pockets
  • Adjustable slotted velcro shelving unit
  • Bottom “utility” compartment with elastic chord retainers & velcro close
  • Cell phone pocket
  • Mini-marker pocket
  • 1 bottle holder/stool holder with secure strap
  • Rainfly included
  • 2L water bladder included
  • 4 D-rings
  • 2 pencil holders

Find out more here!

I’ve had the privilege of having a custom Skinny bag made by Fossa and wanted to show it off a bit.

Custom Skinny Bag by Fossa

Yes. That is my character lounging in his underwear on the lower flap. I couldn’t help myself. Take a closer look you sick-o. 😉

Bag Bottom Flap

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