Top Ten Comics so Far. (A look back at disc golf comic nonsense)

A year has already past since starting the disc golf comic and there has been a tremendous showing of support from the disc golf community around the country and even some from around the world. It’s been pretty awesome and a blast to come up with this nonsense every week.

With that let’s take a look back at the top ten disc golf comics so far and enjoy the sillyness. Once again I want to think everyone for the support now and in the future.

(the top ten are picked based on traffic, likes, and overall fan interaction)

#10 – #007 Treenial

#9 – #017 Hope You Miss

#8 – #001 Beginner and his discs

#7 – #018 The Lonely Ace

#6 – #011 Disc O Plenty

#5 – #041 Plastic Addicts Anonymous

#4 – #009 Navigating a windy putt

#3 – #021 It’s Never the Disc

#2 – #014 Same Time Tomorrow

#1 – #005 The Roll Away

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