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#079 – On the Seventh Day

Some say disc golf can be a religious experience. I don't know about that but Ed Headrick must of had some heavenly inspiration when he created such a beautiful... more

#078 OCD-O (Obsessive Compulsive Disc Order)

The bag has got to be perfect or everything else is a waste...  at least that's how I treat... more

#077 Disc Golf Haunt

I would like to say I'm fearless but there are a few things in this world that chill me right to the... more

#076 A New Me

Well...  I may not be any different of a player than I was last year but I am looking forward to what the new year brings on and off the course. Happy New Year... more

#075 Happy Halloween

They're alive! They're alive! Mwa ha ha ha... more
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