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Is disc golf at the heart of you?

When disc golf surpasses the desire for all else. It pumps through your veins, fills your dreams and and consumes your thoughts. When you live and breath disc golf you know it's at the heart of... more

Zing Disc Golf Minis

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Zing Mini Discs and I couldn't have been happier with the customer service and kindness shown to me. I ended up with an awesome sampling of pico, as... more

Pattern Dye Stencils

These where created as a special request from a local disc golfer who loves disc dying. He is especially fond of patterns and swirls so I created these for stencils for him to use. Although I am fond... more

Are you a disc golf machine?

Are you a disc golf machine? Playing disc golf every chance you get? Taking time off only to recharge the batteries and jump back out on the course? The new "Disc Golf Machine" poster is now... more

Firebird Dye Stencil

This is a dye stencil I created for my firebird and have gotten some compliments on it over the years so I have decided to offer as a free download on the site. I planned to add a few more over the... more
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